The Author

Dr. Selene Maya Author, DNM, M.H, CNHP, is a Motivational Speaker, Evangelist, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Advocate of various social causes, and Founder of Silent Cry Loud Echo Ministry.

Dr. Author frequently travel to various Countries and States to speak to youth groups, young adults, entrepreneurs, men and women about using intentional well being strategies and spiritual awakening to create a desired life. She speaks on topics that elevates thoughts to help people overcome emotional pain, mental and physical abuse, as well as spiritual weakness and growth. With a fervent focus, Dr. Author dazzles her audiences with infectious energy and fascinating story telling that illustrates the power of belief in overcoming through her humble beginnings in Guyana South America, where she was born, prosperity in America, painful and abusive marriage, and purposeful ministry. Dr. Maya has a particular passion to speak to the nation’s regarding domestic violence, child abuse, Poverty and the devastating impact these issues have on families, communities, and the world at large. Her speeches are life-altering and penetrates the soul, refreshes the spirit, and influences an elevating shift in the minds of her audience.

Dr. Selene has preached at numerous churches and served as the keynote speaker at women’s empowerment conferences and retreats, among other venues. She has been interviewed on several radio shows to discuss her books and the healing powers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, which she has used to liberate people from the prison of their minds, from the emotions of their heart, from physical temptations, and spiritual strongholds. She is the author of, “Silent Cry Loud Echo God Heard Me” and “I Placed My Hands In His 40 Days Of Devotion.” Dr. Maya will soon release her newest book, “Between Hopelessness And Survival.”

She is also a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board and a board-Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, and a Master Herbalist. She has over 25-years of experience using natural plant base food supplements, minerals, and vitamins to assist clients in healing the body for a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Selene Maya Author is also a graduate of Trinity College of Natural Health and is a member of the Institute of the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals.

When Dr. Author is not speaking, writing, or evangelizing, she coaches and provides health consults and plans using holistic therapies, homeopathic remedies and natural food supplements in combination with nutritional and lifestyle counseling to address the full dynamics of Individuals Health Care. She also volunteers within and beyond U.S. Borders. As a result of her philanthropic endeavors to build water wells for a clean water supply in South America, Dr. Author received the prestigious Synergy International Humanitarian Award in 2014.

Selene is a stalwart voice of faith and Inspiration. She is often quoted as saying, “Because of the Genius of our Creator through Jesus Christ the body has the ability to heal itself”!